Arranging Reliable Local Sponsors

Arranging reliable local sponsors

We help to arrange Local sponsors and businesses set up in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. Setting up a business in the UAE is an appealing prospect for many of us. However, as in all countries, local restrictions and licencing can be difficult for some people. We streamline the entire process while maintaining 100% transparency throughout. Bring us your business plan, and we will ensure you establish your firm swiftly and efficiently per UAE laws.

A Comprehensive guide to finding reliable Local sponsors in Dubai

  • One of the main reasons that Rukn Al Noor is very proud of offering all-inclusive business setup services in Dubai is getting a local sponsor, which turns out to be an interesting factor in its remarkable services. The fields of business in UAE paradise Dubai suit both foreign and local entrepreneurs. Various possibilities are available, and the investors should meticulously choose the business structure and type of activity since the choices they make define the requirements. In the case of certain mainland company creations in sensitive industries, the local sponsor will make an investment.
  • These sponsors own the bulk of the shares in the UAE company and may even function as a nation’s representative under profit-sharing agreements. It is imperative to grasp the fact that the role of your agent in this context is purely as a legal representative, while they are not in any way involved in the operations of your business. Therefore, getting a local sponsor without worrying depends on pre-emptive screening and mechanisms that will ensure the protection of your business rights. Besides having Rukn Noor manage this process, you will find us truly useful considering that we can help you through this process.
  • We can analyse this aspect of your business plan and tell you if your licenced business requires a licensor. Apart from that, we work with our wide-reaching network to secure a linkage with any reputable group that might be the target of your sponsorship.
  • On top of this, we offer great advice as regards to reading and writing sponsorship agreements; we do that to ensure that the terms that are offered to your business are fair and the legalities are observed. Do not worry if community organisation support is obligatory for the particular case you are in, because it could be the right direction for you. If you cannot see a way to make your business plan a reality, you can leave the path and explore alternative ways.
  • The Rukn Al Noor can assist you in setting up an enterprise in Dubai. We can help with arranging the formation of a joint venture company that may be the sponsor, but in the meantime, we shall share equally the profit and ownership when doing so. Subsequently, if your business can sustain independent functioning, it is possible to think about establishing your corporation in a business free zone. These areas require you to own your own business, as a local sponsor is strongly disregarded in the procedures, which are all very smooth.

Role of local sponsors in Dubai

  • In some cases of mainland company formation with a special industry focus, an individual sponsor becomes compulsory. This sponsor represents a UAE citizen, owning at least 51% of the company with the remaining part awarded to the foreigner under a profit-sharing agreement (there is a possibility of that the profit-sharing agreement can be made). It’s necessary to appreciate that the sponsor’s job is to handle legal matters, not the practical running of your business.
  • Identifying a trustworthy and reliable local sponsor is a time-consuming process that involves a background check, development of a sponsorship contract that safeguards the basic principles. Nevertheless, while Rukn Al Noor is incapable of directly providing you with an agency sponsorship, we can offer you all sorts of support and assistance throughout your journey from start to finish.

 How Rukn Al Noor Can Assist you with local sponsorship

Eligibility Guidance

Our team expertise is aimed at helping you to determine if whether or not a sponsor might be required if you pursue the type of business you prefer.

Network Connections

We are perfectly capable of utilizing our entirety of the contact directory to probably reach out to the right people who may be keen to assume sponsorship responsibilities.

Sponsorship Agreement Support

We guide the understanding, drafting, and even review of sponsorship agreements, as important legalities are usually covered and business interests are safeguarded.

So you have made the decision to apply for the scholarship program of an organization in the country, while others are in doubt. Knowing it is a requirement, stop worrying! At Rukn Al Noor, we can seek routes that can bring you the desired outcome of your entrepreneurial ambition in Dubai.


First, chart your course

  1. Not all businesses in Dubai require local sponsors. Professional companies, branches, and representative offices can often operate independently within specialized free zones. It’s crucial to consult the Department of Economic Development (DED) and understand the specific regulations for your chosen activity.

Next, identify your guide

  • Different types of sponsors exist, each offering distinct nuances:

The Traditional Emirati

  •  An individual UAE national over 21 holds 51% of your company shares on paper, acting as a silent guardian for your enterprise.

The Corporate Ally

  • As a licenced UAE company, they may play a more active role, offering expertise and connections.

The Pathfinder

  • A local sponsor agent, this individual or company helps navigate the bureaucratic terrain, facilitating paperwork and liaising with authorities without holding any shares.

Choosing the right partner is akin to selecting a desert caravan leader

  • Seek a sponsor with reputable credentials, strong financial standing, and experience relevant to your industry. Trust transcends mere paperwork; seeking individuals who share your vision and values for a harmonious partnership will be your oasis in the entrepreneurial desert.

Don’t be tempted by mirages

  • Unscrupulous individuals prey on the unfamiliar, offering seemingly quick paths paved with empty promises. Beware of overly favourable terms and requests for upfront fees. Remember, due diligence is your camel at the oasis, providing vital sustenance on this journey.

Seek wisdom from seasoned travellers.

  • Consult business setup specialists familiar with the local landscape. They can help you identify trustworthy sponsors, negotiate fair agreements, and ensure your journey complies with regulations.

Finally, remember, finding local sponsors is a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Invest time in research, consultations, and building trust. The most valuable partnerships are forged with mutual respect and shared ambition.
  • With a map in hand, a reliable guide by your side, and a spirit of cautious optimism, you can navigate the complexities of finding local sponsors in Dubai. Remember, the rewards at the end of this journey are worth the trek—the chance to build your dream business in a city where anything is possible, under the sun-drenched sky of the Emirates. 

Next, choose your camel. Different sponsors offer unique journeys:

  • The Silent Sheikh: An individual Emirati, a wise elder cloaked in tradition, holds 51% of your company shares on paper, offering silent guidance and local wisdom.

The Strategic Caravan

  • A seasoned UAE company, your sturdy desert ship, brings expertise and connections, becoming an active partner in your expedition.

The Savvy Pathfinders

  •  local sponsors agents, like desert scouts, navigate the bureaucratic labyrinth, handling paperwork and regulations without claiming a share in your oasis.

Selecting your partner is like choosing a desert falcon

  •  Seek those with impeccable reputations, financial stability, and experience in your industry. Trust is your desert campfire, warming your venture and fostering a partnership built on shared vision and values.

Beware of mirages. Unscrupulous individuals peddle shortcuts, shimmering like desert mirages, luring you with empty promises. Steer clear of overly generous terms and upfront fees. Remember, due diligence is your sturdy desert cloak, shielding you from deception.

Seek wisdom from seasoned travelers.

  • Consult business setup specialists and assert veterans familiar with the local sponsors. They can point you towards trustworthy sponsors, negotiate fair agreements, and ensure your journey adheres to the intricate code of the land.

Finding the right sponsor is a camel trek, not a sprint

  • Invest time in research, consultations, and building trust. The most fruitful partnerships are nurtured by mutual respect and shared ambition.

With this guide and a spirit of cautious optimism, you can navigate the intricate dunes of local sponsors in Dubai. Remember, the rewards are worth the trek: the chance to build your dream business under the sun-drenched sky of the Emirates.

So, venture forth, entrepreneur, and may your journey through the desert of local sponsors lead you to a flourishing oasis of success in the heart of Dubai.

  • So, venture forth, intrepid entrepreneur, and may your journey through the labyrinth of local sponsors lead you to a flourishing oasis of success in the heart of Dubai


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