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Family Visa Services in UAE

Reunite Your Family in Dubai with Expert Family Visa Services

Are you wishing to connect with your inspired family members in Dubai, the ever-growing and exhausting City of Hope? Look no further! In Dubai, Ruknalnoor provides immigration consultancy specializing in family visa services, issuing you all the support you might need throughout the whole process with professionalism and dedication.

Why choose Dubai for your family?

iWhy choose Dubai for Your Fmily?

Dubai is the land of cultures, a cradle of creativity, and a gem where families are happy to reside. The city of Dubai has a global-class educational system, has entertainment options to suit every taste, and ensures the safety of every resident, offering ideal conditions for raising a family.

Who can you sponsor in Dubai?

If you are a UAE resident with a valid visa and sufficient income, you can sponsor your family members, who are accepted based on certain criteria. Ruknalnoor guides you through the eligibility requirements for sponsoring:

  • Spouse (husband or wife)
  • Children (biological, adopted, or stepchildren under 18)
  • Unmarried daughters above 18 (under certain conditions)
  • Dependent parents (meeting specific income and health insurance requirements)

Navigating the Fmily Visa Process in Dubai

The family visa process in Dubai can be complex. Ruknalnoor simplifies it for you by:

  • Initial Consultation: We understand your situation and determine the most suitable family visa option.
  • Document Assistance: We ensure you have all the necessary paperwork in order, including marriage certificates, birth certificates, medical certificates, and proof of income.
  • Application Submission: We handle the application process electronically and liaise with the relevant authorities.
  • Progress Tracking: We keep you updated on the progress of your application and address any inquiries.
  • Post-Approval Support: We assist with Emirates ID registration, health insurance enrollment, and other post-visa requirements.

Documents required for the application

  • Another required document is a passport that hasn’t expired for more than six months, both from the owner of the business and a family member.
  • Employment contracts and recent salary certificates have to belong to the sponsor exclusively.
    Documents of Dubai residence (Ejari contract of lease or real estate ownership title)
  • Medical fitness certificates of their applicants (obtained in annexed approved UAE medical facilities) for persons aged 18 years.
  • Own attested documents translated into the language of the country (if needed) of the young man’s future destination (such as marriage and re-birth certificates).
  • There may be other documents needed as well, and the requirements may depend on your circumstances.

Benefits of Choosing Ruknalnoor for Your Family Visa in Dubai:

  • Initial Consultation: We know your circumstances and will choose the most appropriate family visa type for you.
  • Document Assistance: We make sure that you’ve got everything you require regarding documents like marriage certificates, birth certificates, official medical certificates, and income proof.
  • Application Submission: We submit the paperwork by email, and all the approvals are printed out online.
    Progress Tracking: We also make sure to update you on the status of your application and handle any related queries.
  • Post-Approval Support: We provide legal support in case of the necessity of Emirates ID registration, health insurance enrollment, and post-visa formalities.
    Start building your family’s future in Dubai today!

Important Considerations:

Medical Tests: All those seekers who are over eighteen years of age shall be subject to mandatory medical fitness tests via the Health Ministry Institutional Representatives.
Emirates ID Registration: A successful family visa application will have all family members register for the card that is Emirates’ national ID.
Health Insurance: Adequate health insurance, which helps cover the family expenses is a priority here in the UAE.

Contact Ruknalnoor now for a free consultation on your family visa services in Dubai. Let’s help you reunite with your loved ones and build a fulfilling life together in this dynamic city.


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