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Emirates ID Typing in Dubai

 Do you feel confused by the tricky process of getting an Emirates ID car It’s alright, you’re not the only one out there! We understand the feat and the complexities involved, and we’re here to put that hand on you to navigate you through the process from the beginning to the end.

Rukn Al Noor is a company that provides a range of administrative services across the UAE. One of the services they offer is Emirates ID typing services, which are available throughout the country. Emirates ID is an important identification document that is required for a range of purposes in the UAE, including opening a bank account or applying for a visa. Rukn Al Noor has made it easy for individuals and businesses to obtain this crucial document by offering fast and efficient typing services. Whether you are located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other emirate in the UAE, Rukn Al Noor can assist you with your Emirates ID application.

Why Choose Our Emirates ID Typing Service?

Expert guidance: You won’t have to carry that alone; our experienced team will walk the process with you, making the entire experience hassle-free.

Tailored services: For a more specialized package, we are available to meet your requirements and budget.
Streamlined process: We are in charge of everything from doing documents to making appointments for you, so you do not have to worry.
Peace of mind: Our application is done efficiently and correctly, which ensures you avoid delays and rejection.

Who is using ID typing services?

People who are seeking new or renewed passports, visas, ID cards, licenses, etc., are among them.

  • Work-related services for those who are willing to assist their staff through the application process for a work permit or travel document.
  • New arrivals who are expatriates adjusting to a new country and spending time on official paperwork.
  • Those businesses have low language skills or are the ones who require help uploading information or forms online.

How do I get an Emirates ID card?


1. You could just go to Dubai, or any other authorized typing agency and ask for the certificate for the application of Emirates ID.

2. Complete the application by filling out the form in addition to any relevant documents. When you fill out all the information, you go to the typing center to pay the fees.

3. The applicant would receive an SMS message per their Emirates ID application phone. The SMS message will help you find the EIDA office location
4. The applicants should come to the EIDA office with a picture of their biometrics on the appointed date.
5. Residence Stamp
6. Getting an Emirates ID issued.

7. Please go to the Emirates Post Office, and get your Emirates ID.


  • Everyone residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including UAE nationals, GCC nationals, and expatriates, requires an Emirates ID card.

Required Documents:

  • Passport copy
  • Residence permit or visa copy
  • Completed application form (available online or at typing centers)
  • Payment for fees (varies based on validity period and urgency)

Why Choose Our Services?

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Getting Emirates ID Typing Services in Dubai