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Easy Investor Visa Services from Ruknalnoor: Your Road to Achievement

Getting an investor visa in Dubai is made simpler with Ruknalnoor. Our all-inclusive services guarantee a perfect encounter:

Free consultation.
  • We talk about your financial objectives and suggest the best investor visa choice for you.

Document Gathering and Preparation

  • To help you prevent delays, our staff helps you gather and collect all necessary documents, making sure they are accurate and complete.

Professional Application Support

  • We ensure the accurate submission of all information by managing the electronic application process with efficiency.

Government Liaison:

  • We handle all government contacts on your behalf by putting our highly trained staff in contact with the appropriate authorities in Dubai.

Regular Updates on Progress

  • Keep yourself updated on the status of your visa application at all times by keeping in clear contact and providing current details.

Post-Visa Support

  • We help with extra procedures, including registering an Emirates ID, opening a bank account, and other important tasks that need to be completed after obtaining a visa.

 Why select Ruknalnoor for your investor visa to Dubai?

Ruknalnoor provides unique benefits for obtaining your Dubai Investor Visa:

Unmatched Local Knowledge

  • Our deep knowledge of Dubai’s investor visa policies and procedures ensures a quick and easy application process.

Motivated Group of Experts

  • Your case is handled with care and efficiency by our team of skilled visa specialists, increasing your chances of success.

Personalized Approach

  • We adjust our services to your unique investing objectives and circumstances, offering personalized direction all along the way.

Multilingual Support

  • Our experts can help you communicate clearly by helping you speak several languages, so you can overcome language obstacles.

Cost Transparency:

  • We don’t have any extra charges because we provide affordable service packages with clear charge schedules.

 Types of investor visas:

property investment Visa


Minimum Investment: 

  • AED 750,000 (approx. USD 204,148) in freehold property.


  • Secure a 3-year residency visa with the possibility of renewal upon meeting specific criteria.

 Company Formation Visa


  • Start a business in the mainland region of Dubai for a minimum of capital (the amount varies based on the business activity).


  • You can sponsor yourself or one of your employees for a three-year resident visa.

 Visa for industrial investor


  • Purchase stock in a Dubai-based company focusing on development or technology.


  • Take advantage of specific benefits designed to enhance your involvement in Dubai’s innovation ecosystem.

Who is eligible for an investor visa? 

Minimum Investment

  • According to the particular type of visa, you will have to meet a minimum investment requirement.

Visa for Property Investment

  • This well-liked choice requires an owner-occupied property minimum investment of AED 750,000 (about USD 204,148).
Visa for Company Formation
  • The required investment for this visa varies according to the type of business.

Valid Passport

  • You need a passport that will be valid for at least six months after the date of application.

Financial Stability

  • Prove that you have enough money to sustain yourself while you live in Dubai. Bank statements and other financial records may be involved in this.

Health Requirements

  • You must pass a medical fitness exam administered by Dubai medical facilities that have been authorized.

 How do I apply for an investor visa?

Choose Your Visa & Confirm Eligibility:

Dubai provides a range of investor visas. Investing in real estate (minimum investment of AED 750,00) and forming a company (minimum capital investment varies depending on business activity) are popular choices. Make sure you fulfill the requirements, which include having a current passport, being financially stable, being in good health, and having a spotless criminal record.

Gather Documents & Apply: Depending on the type of visa you choose, the documentation requirements may vary slightly, but in general, they include application forms, evidence of investment and financial resources, passport photos, medical test certificates, and health insurance. You may start the application electronically via official channels, and for expedited processing and assistance, think about collaborating with immigration consultancies such as Ruknalnoor.

 What are the benefits of an investor visa?

With a Dubai Investor Visa, you can live and manage your investments, get tax benefits, possibly sponsor your family, and run a business on the mainland (depending on the type of visa you have). This makes Dubai an appealing choice for investors looking for development and a secure future in this vibrant metropolis, combined with its infrastructure, economic climate, and location

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